Target Coupon Code

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  1. 10% off pop-up - Expires 3/30/09 - Not valid on gift cards, partner businesses, personalized gifts, Peg Perego, Applie iPods, Sony, Sennheiser, Nintendo Wii hardware, Bose electronics, or product purchases.

    I just used it and it works!
  2. I got an error message when I click on the link. Help!
  3. #3 Mar 5, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2009
    I have the same problem,
  4. Here's the target coupon, it's 10% off items! including bath+bedroom! Target 10% off - Expires 3/30/09
  5. hhhm.... time ot check it out
  6. is this valid on everything except the above mentioned items?
    The link just takes me to Target Home, which is 10% off on home or furniture?
  7. um it should be 10%off the selected items, when you click on the 10% picture, it will show you what items qualify, i get target stuff all the time
  8. I really need a 10% coupon to order some Avent products and other baby items. Is there anyway to get the code on the main post to work? Does anyone have any current code to share?:confused1:
  9. i love target! but 10% isn't enough. HAHAHA! jk
  10. Does anyone have valid codes?