clearance sale!

  1. Hi Ladies, has a bunch of items on clearance.

    I have been on the site for about an hour and have bought a lot of items each under $10. You dont like them at the end you can still return them in store!! Make sure you read the reviews to get a better idea about the products you are going to purchase.

    Handbags & Clutches (Hollywould, etc) range from $3.49 and up
    Cute shoes range from 6.49 and up
    Clothing (Isaac Mizrahi & Mossimo, etc)

    Free shipping on purchases over $50
    And 10% off purchase (not sure if it is only good for purchases over 50, but I suggest spending $50 to get the free shipping)
    Code: BJ6KQJLI

    Happy Shopping!!:yahoo:

    P.S. I know the sale/clearance has been going on for awhile now. But some TPf's don't know about it ,so this is another perfect opportunity to share it with everyone.
  2. Oh goody. Thank you.
  3. I have 70 dollars of stuff in my cart but still no free shipping? Shipping is 22.90

  4. Thanks. I got a couple of the cashmere items just to try them out.
  5. Purchased 4 Dominque Cohen necklaces, yoga pants and a sports bra for $54, free shipping.
  6. Love Target!
  7. I was going to get the cashmere items but after the reviews I decided not to take the chance
  8. Thanks for the link/coupon code!
    I just got
    3 sweaters
    5 shirts
    9 pairs of underwear
    2 pairs of shoes
    for a total of $82 shipped!
    Some great deals!
    Plus used e-bates for an additional 4% back! yay!
  9. Weird.. according to the text on their page if you shop "across categories" (mens, womens, kids, shoes, handbags, fragrance, jewlery)
    Maybe if all your items are one category maybe you don't get free shipping???
  10. Thanks for the code!!!
  11. thank you! I got 5 pairs of shoes, 1 pencil dress, leggings, and a sweater all for $52.

    They have a lot of cute stuff. I love the dresses, great for the upcoming season. Ha I actually looked thru all 30 pages of handbags, and its funny how many satchels, and totes etc i saw that looked similar to HH and Gryson bags we've been lusting over, for less than $10 haha.

    Good thing i don't settle!
  12. Yes, thank you. I needed a few sportsbras and this was the perfect reason to get them from Target.


  13. I had jewelry, purses, shoes.. hmm. Maybe I'll empty my cart and try it again :smile:
  14. Got the free shipping to work!

    • Dominique Cohen Cameo Pendant Necklace - Black
    • Mossimo Taupe Patent Drew PntToe Pmp
    • Mossimo® Satchel - Honey
    • Xhilaration® Foldover Clutch - Red with Sequins
    • Xhilaration® Tote Bag - Gold
    • Mossimo® Dysis Patent Pump with Stacked Heel - Black
    • Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Large Satchel - Camel
    • Isaac Mizrahi Black Riley Ptnt AlmdToe Pmp
    • Merona® Large Satchel - Tan/ Natural
    Shipped for 57 dollars. Very nice
  15. we got the same shoes! i got the almdtoe pumps too! i didn't buy any bags though they were dirt cheap. I liked a couple, but i know with all the designer labels i have and plan on getting, i'll never wear the $5 bags, and they'll just sit in my closet for years till i wind up donating them to goodwill. LOL.:girlsigh: