- 10% off

    10% Off
    Coupon Code: TGTSAVQ2
    Expires: 06/30/07
  2. hm, i just tried to use this and it said the offer has expired :confused1:
  3. I haven't tried it myself yet - it says that it expires at the end of June, so I don't understand - did you use all caps?

  4. yup! i just cut and pasted the code... i did a google search on it and the code came up in several places and all of them claim an expiration of 6/30 but i also came across a thread about how the code was not working on 5/11 (yesterday)... hopefully target will fix it soon.
  5. oooh i really want this code to work so i can buy some of the patrick robinson collection!
  6. Yup, code is still expired as of today.
  7. I bought a bunch of stuff from my local Super Target last week. I really like his stuff. The A-line & baby doll tops/dresses are the perfect style for me. There's one top that comes in 3 or 4 colors, but all they had was black. If I can't find the other colors in the store, I was just going to buy them online since I now know how the sizing runs. They didn't have any of the bags yet though. I'm going to check today or tomorrow tho & see if they got them in yet.