Target Clearance!!

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  1. There's lot of awesome deals right now! :drool:All Hollywould bags and most shoes are 75% off, which means the most expensive things is $12.49!! Erin Fetherston clothing and accessories are 50% off! And best of all several Dominique Cohen jewelry pieces are also 75% off! I'm so excited that I snagged the cameo necklace for $12.50! :yahoo:I've been looking at it since the beginning. And if you spend $50 or more, which you undoubtedly will, you get free shipping! Happy Shopping!
  2. The store has the same sale too! I got a bunch of shirts for $3.75 and some gym pants for the same. I didn't spend more than $5 on one item!
  3. I Got A Grey Wool Winter Jacket For $15!
  4. ok looks like im going to target during my lunch! hehe
  5. I think it's a hit or a miss. At one Target I got a dry-fit tank for like $3 but at other Targets they cost around $10. At another target I got gold ballet flats for $3 even though the sign said $12!
  6. I got 13 items from Target online for a total amount of $140.43. It was such a great deal! I bought many items from the Erin Fetherson and Alice Temperley collection.
  7. thanks for the post. i :heart: target :smile: