Target...a lot of stuff on clearance

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  1. I took my weekly trip to Taget this morning. As usual I went in there to pick up a few things, and ended up with so much more. They have a gazillion things, more than usual, on clearance. I was able to pick up some Riedel stemware marked down to $10, from $40. I noticed they had a lot of other things on sale, all towels an additional 15% off, I saw a gravy boat marked down to $2.50. Most of the things on clearance were more than 50% off.:yahoo:
  2. Thanks! I'll check it out.
  3. it's so hard to ignore a good post about a sale at target... i'll have to drag my two kids with me to target today! btw, I found amazing deals on kids' toys at 75% off a couple of weeks ago. I think they marked them down to 90% off afterwards, but nothing was left. gotta love target.
  4. haven't been there in ages..what kind of bags are they selling these days....maybe i need a new tote
  5. I was able to buy a pair of plaid flannel pj set for $4.99 original price was $19
  6. I got one of the Dominique Cohen necklaces for $14, marked down from $60 :tup:
  7. I saw those necklaces, they're gorgeous.
  8. just saw them on line great!
  9. I was reading this and decided to check out and ended up buying a small wine buffet and I got free shipping because it was over $50.00 and 4% back through ******. Maybe if I stop reading all the posts I won't end up buying things I had no idea I needed! :nuts:
  10. i love target!! i spend so long going up and down the aisle. i HAVE to cover every single inch of that store! or else i kick myself about the deals i WOULDVE found at the end of the aisle. ya know, where they keep their clearances. lol

    last time i was there, i got tights for a mere $1.98. in all sorts of cool colors. a hugeeeeee candle for $1.74 and i even picked up hello kitty slippers for $1.94 =D

    heres the trick with their clearance mark downs. if some of you ladies are not informed yet. if the last price marked ends with a 4, like for example $xx.x4 thats the final sale. it wont get marked down any less. usually, they do 15%, then 30%, 45% then 50% then 75% eventually 90%.... but keep an eye for that 4!
  11. our target had a ton of clothes and shoes marked down 75%. isaac mizrahi actually has some cute clothes and shoes at target...and most of it less than $10 on clearance, that's a pretty great deal to me!
  12. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to go look for items marked with that 4.:smile:
  13. I just stopped at the one here by the airport in Tampa and got a Paige Jewelry Armoire for $24.98. Just a couple of weeks ago it was $99.99 and it's still online for $69.99. Here it is.....
  14. Check your target to see if it gets marked down more - it is $12.XX near me. I have to move in a few months, otherwise I was going to get it.
  15. cool!! i was just there this weekend... but didn't see anything