Tara's New White Ali!!!! with pics :)

  1. She came! and not a moment too soon! DH will be home soon and I wanted to intercept this package because he doesn't exactly know about it yet:shame:

    I think she is beautiful!!! The leather is soft and I was so happy because I was worried that it might feel weird like some off eBay have been.

    The only thing is she is HEAVY. I only put a few things inside and it is WAY heavier than any of my other legacy bags. I am going to carry her around the house for a few days and see how it goes.. I hope she doesn't end up being TOO heavy because she is so pretty!!!!!

    Here are the pics! Sorry they are so big and there are so many of them!

    With Flash





    Back without flash


    Side View

  2. The modeling pics....

    No make up... this shirt makes me look pregnant :roflmfao:



  3. She is sooooooooooooo pretty! Of ALL the Ali's, the White Ali is MY personal favorite!!!! ENJOY her!!!!!!!!
  4. That looks so good on you. I love the purse. DH will never know about it he'll think you already had it.
  5. It's beautiful!!! I wish I could own one of every legacy bag made with this white leather! It's the most stunning color of all! It looks fabulous on you!
  6. I love the white Ali - she looks just gorgeous on you!!
  7. I LOVE HER! Congrats!
  8. I'm incredibly jealous! I want a white Ali sooooo bad! she's a beauty!
  9. I love the inside lining.
  10. OMG! I just adore that bag. The leather AND the lining make it so ultra yummy!
  11. Congrats, and the shirt does NOT make you look pregnant, you look gorgeous! The bag is stunning on you!
  12. Tara, your Ali is GORGEOUS! The white is so pretty! I've yet to own anything in White Leather.

    And you are too funny! I do the exact SAME thing with my packages - I try and make sure I intercept them before my DH gets home, too!!! And then I hide them in my closet in plastic storage bins. It's the only way I'm able to buy Coach! LOL
  13. i love the way the lining looks against the white!
  14. Stunning!!!!!! I have the same bag and I am dying to wear her. I know she is a little heavy. But, I find the way she sits on the shoulder with the comfy wide shoulder strap(towards the back) makes her feel lighter. I have been wearing my whiskey Ali and my black signature Ali. I agree with those that feel that the white Ali is sooo beautiful.........:heart::heart:

    Thanks for sharing...let us know if you keep her!:yes:
  15. I'm not a fan of that bag, but the white leather and the legacy lining are :drool:!!!