Tara's Bags

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  1. As promised here is my new Hanover plus Mabel
    30122007012-small.jpg 30122007013-small.jpg 30122007017-small.jpg 30122007018-small.jpg 30122007019-small.jpg
  2. Oh my, they are gorgeous! I love the colors. What color is the hanover?
  3. Bad Lighting - 1st Pic is closest to 'real life'!

    It is magenta pink.
  4. luuvly
  5. Gorgeous - the hanover is a stunning:love:
  6. Lucky girl - both are beauuuuutiful!
  7. Congratulations - all my bags are brown!!!:shrugs:
  8. Beautiful! LUV both bags AND the great colors!
    Thanks for posting.

    At first, I was not taken w/Mabel.....but, I think she's gonna be a true classic!
  9. I`m trying to resist a black or brown annie , see them today in Hof 50 % off , i nearly got one.
    I think that oak bags most be the hardest colour to look after as they show up everything , watermarks , stains etc...... ?

    But a black annie wouldn`t !!!
  10. Go Tara go!!!! Sending enabling vibes your way!! I keep looking at the site for an update on Annie.. still nothing, so I can live vicariously thru you!
    I called some of the stores here and there was nothing that interested me. The only Mabels I could find were patent and as great as they are, just not me. And not a Hanover to be had!! Both of your bags look great on you, as would an Annie!! hehehe
  11. I know the Annie is a great bag , and I might of been tempted to buy it instead of the hanover if they had got the sale prices right from the start.

    What colour would you go for in the annie ?????

    I would have to hide it for at least 3 months or DH would Kill me !!
    So maybe an oak colour for the summer????????

    Or chocolate is this a summer colour ???
  12. Kroquet - if you wanted one could post it over ?????????

    They have all 3 colours as well 50 % off:smile:
  13. I think that I would want choc or oak. What are the prices? I think you could do brown all year long as there are always great brown leather sandals. Do you agree? I have always loved brown with light pinks and blues and then there are the yellows that would look great,too! Ah, the list is endless. KWIM?

    Also, after looking at your new bags, I think that a Paul Smith purse would be a great choice as Chaz suggested. I looked him up and love that style!
  14. Tara!! Well done!! :yahoo::woohoo:Those are just gorgeous!!!! Nice to see some flashes of color in 'the chocolate box'!!! The Hanover is just sooooooooo lush!! Roll on summer eh?

    Would set your green barbour and wellies off beautifully tho!!!:p heeheee!!xx
  15. I trying to get away from all that and trying to be a bit trendy !!! ( I couldn`t do trendy even if I had a Hermes)

    Barbours are very practical you know and I would be lost without my wellies :lol: