Tarantulas...know anything?

  1. This is "The General." He is my son's new tarantula, adopted when his friend's roommate moved out and left him behind. I know very little about them, and the staff at Petsmart freaked out when we took him in to get supplies. I would mainly like to know if he is a "desert" or "arboreal" species. We have rehoused him in a long, low cage with lots of ventilation (enough for the crickets to escape!) so he doesn't injure himself trying to climb the sides of the cage. He has a "rock" water dish, the "peat" type specialized bedding (called "Bed A Beast") that holds some moisture, and a hollowed out half-log that he seems to be enjoying tremendously. When we got him he just had a plain plastic cage and a water dish...NO accoutrements! Poor spider! His new home is a bit larger and fancier. But now we are pretty much at a loss...so if anyone can give me any info, I would appreciate it! (Don't click the thumbnail photo if you are scared of spiders!)
  2. Oh ET. HOLY LORD:amazed: !!! Im sorry I know nothing about these creatures, and I'd much rather keep it that way:shocked: OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! You are one incredibly brave, undrstanding, loving etc. etc. mom:yes: OMG!!!! OMG!!!!!:roflmfao: :shocked:

    Greebo!! Please come live with me!!! I'll save you sweet kitty!
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHhh you are VERY VERY VERY VERY GUTSY to let your son keep the tarantula near you!!!!!!
  4. YES, I agree with you!!! Oh my gosh, I can not see those creatures near me!:cry:

  5. Heh heh! He's not that scary. I mean, he's fuzzy, right? So how bad can he be? Just can't touch him because he has spiny hairs that will make you itchy. My son handles him with gloves when he has to handle him (he's a bit afraid of him, to be honest) but he stays IN a cage ON my son's pool table IN his room WITH the door closed. Apparently tarantulas and dogs/cats do not mix well! My son has a loft bed, and he woke up and looked in the cage the first night and didn't see The General and LEAPT onto his ladder and panicked! But The General was just chilling under his log. LOL!
  6. OMG! When I clicked on the picture I felt as I had a tarantula actually crawling on my arm!!:cry: I am terrified of spiders!:shocked:
  7. I know loads about Tarantulas. They're hairy, fat, have 8 legs and SCARE THE CRAP OUTTA ME!

    PS - what do you feed it? Small children?
  8. OH! I have to tell you...I was on the phone today talking to someone about the spider and suddenly something fell down the side of the chair and hit my arm! It turned out to be my cell phone that I had perched on the arm of the chair, but it scared the crap out of me because I was talking/thinking "spider!" :lol:

    Cal, he eats crickets but we are trying to get him to eat mealworms because they don't hop around and escape from the cage!
  9. [​IMG] BTW - is that a picture of his butt?
  10. i heard that if you scream or are talking loud they chase you. ITS TRUE> apparently they're attracted to noise. needless to say i have horrid nightmares of one of those things chasing me as i scream. uhhh i hate spiders!! good luck tho what a good mom :smile:
  11. Yes, sorry about that! He was snoozing under the log and I can't figure out how to take the top off of his cage! It has a little trap door for water and food, but I couldn't get a shot that way, so I had to take one from the end of the cage through the plastic! I can try to get a better pic tomorrow when my son comes home. :amuse:
  12. :biggrin: Looks like The General is mooning us!
  14. I don't know much about Tarantulas, but i do find them fascinating!:yes:

    This might be of help to you:


    I have a phobia of the common 2 inch household spider, but i'm not afraid of one of these, i think it's because tarantulas move much slower than a normal spider and, tbh, i've never seen one close enough (other than in a zoo!) to know whether i'd be scared of it or not!
    Fair play to you for looking after 'The General'!!!:biggrin:
  15. That article was great, thanks! We have been feeding him (her?) too often...it says once a week should be enough. Good to know!