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  1. I'm sure you're going to the Houston outlet today. Would you mind letting me know what they have? I can't go today :sad: I'd like to go soon though.

  2. Hey, I hope you don't mind me chiming in. I went today and didn't really think it was worth it unless you like the factory bags. There was a huge line to even get in the store ( I was in line for a little over an hour) and then had to wait in the checkout line for another 45 mintues. They only have factory bags right now and everything was 20 - 30 percent off. Great deal if you like the factory bags but if you are looking for a deal on transfers they don't have any thing like that out yet. The whole store was pretty chaotic too. Bags were thrown everywhere and everything was going fast so you have to find a SA to get things from the back. The SAs were awesome though, poor girls were running around trying to get everyone the items they wanted from the back and help people find things. I don't think I'll go back for a few weeks and hopefully by then they'll start getting some transfers and things will calm down a bit.
  3. :wtf: That is crazy! If that's how my outlets were I would just resort to ebay I guess. That's why I don't go to Disneyland anymore. lol
  4. I have never had to wait in line to get in an outlet. It wouldn't be worth it.
  5. I needed to return a bag or I wouldn't of stayed in line that long. People kept asking the girl working the door if they were giving things away or something. I wish, that would of made waiting in line for so long worth it.
  6. man! i forgot that it opened today :crybaby: i wanted to go. oh well there will be other times. *sob*
  7. oh wow.. what a dissapointment! :tdown: I have had to wait to get into the premium outlets in Las Vegas a couple of times, but never more than about 15 minutes.
  8. WOW, I have never waited to get into an outlet before, even around Xmas!!! UGH, I don't think I would have the patience for sure because just a lot of people in a store always drives me nuts! I think the older I get, the less patience I have too, lol! I've had to stand in fairly long lines at the outlets to purchase something before, but usually the lines move at a pretty good pace.
  9. LOL! I totally forgot that the store opened today! I have been in NEW CAR shopping land.. It has consumed me. I think I may go tomorrow maybe.. hmm... did they have scribble?
  10. They did have scribble. It was 20% off. If you go tomorrow I'd try to get there before they open so the line won't be as long. I'm going back tomorrow to do non Coach outlet shopping, by the time I was done there I was ready to come home.
  11. Im glad I didnt cripple myself in there.
  12. I think I'll wait then...I figured it would be packed since there isn't one for miles around. Thanks for letting me know!
  13. wow!!! Yes, I wouldn't have had the patience to wait in line.
  14. i had to wait in line at the woodbury coach outlet, but it wasn't long...glad I didn't drive down there. thanks for the update

  15. I'm definitely the same way! I get all paranoid that someone will get to "it" first! "It" is any steal in the store the moment I walk in the door. I always have to walk around frantically once to scoop any good deals first :biggrin: :biggrin: