Tara Reid's Eggy Nipples

  1. Nearly two years after a red carpet wardrobe malfunction earned her the nickname "Franken-nipple," Tara Reid stopped by the "Today" show to discuss the pain and agony of her plastic surgery nightmare. "It looked like I got completely butchered up," the actress told Natalie Morales. "The areolas ... they looked like goose-shaped eggs."

    Reid also described the excruciating pain caused by her liposuction. "I got these bumps ... like little golf balls all over my stomach, and it hurt."

    Tara went on to explain how she had a hard time finding work over the last two years, citing fears of revealing her tarnished body in a bikini. Now, after undergoing corrective surgery, Reid says she's both working and happy with her figure. While we're happy for the actress, it might take more than a regained sense of confidence to get her into Hyde.

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  2. Your thread title is funnier than he**!!
  3. Everyone makes fun of her but after reading this, I feel pretty bad for her. I wonder if she did a lot of that partying in the past year coinciding with her plastic surgery to kind of cover the fact that she, too, knew how bad her surgeries has made her look/feel?
  4. Irishgal :biggrin:

    azia ... i feel bad for her too but im happy now for that she's back on track ..
  5. Chloe ~ The Title Is Absolutely Husterical
  6. Bagluv :biggrin: glad i have made u smile :smile:
  7. thing is, no one would know about the state of her nipples if they weren't out for evryone to see!
  8. I think one more procedure is called for...an acting-talent implant. Then she will be ready to resurrect her career.
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. I feel bad for her - that doctor was totally negligent though she didn't do her homework in checking on him either. Maybe she will start to turn things around now.
  11. I wonder if her body kind of rejected everything too. I'm almost positive that's what would happen to me if I got new ta tas.
  12. I do feel bad for her, she was on the view today...but she made me laugh when she wouldn't admit she wanted augmentation...she said the were uneven, so she just wanted to even them out.

  13. Me too, I'm allergic to virtually everything, no doubt silicon would be no exception! :rolleyes:
  14. this girl annoys me to no end, but no one desevres to be disfigured like that, it's really sad IMO.

    She didn't know. . . her nipples were understandably numb, she can't feel clothes on them. It's very common to be numb for several years following this type of surgery, some people never regain sensitivity at all.
  15. More About tara's PS Dilemma

    Tara Reid made a guest-hosting appearance on "The View" this morning, and let's just say Ms. Reid seemed a little, well, caffeine-deprived during her stint at the "Hot Topics" table.

    Talking to Rosie, Joy, and Elisabeth about her various plastic surgery mishaps over the past couple years, Tara tried to explain how a surgeon fixed her rather mishandled breast implants with the help of a blue piece of card stock. "Say this is a piece of paper," said Tara, to which Joy replied, "That is a piece of paper, Tara." The explanation that followed was no more cogent, mixing areolas and incisions and the paper into a weirdly incomprehensible jumble that had Rosie looking awfully confused.

    Joy, as usual, saved the moment by comparing the procedure -- and Reid's explanation -- to an Italian family in Brooklyn.
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