Tara Reid looking very thin

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. That's really disgusting... :throwup:
  3. Oye. She looks sickly! She's just too "done" right now in terms of her physical appearance. Hair is way too light and dry looking, too thin, too much surgery... I liked her back before she had all this surgery.
  4. OH gosh.......
    Surgery just doesn't do it for her... she's got all this loose skin on her tummy now. She looked much better before.
  5. Somebody please tell me these are photoshopped because I just do not understand why somebody would allow themselves to be so emaciated.
  6. disgusting and unattractive!!

    skinny is not cute
  7. Her current look is more to do with too much weight loss than plastic surgery. It's too bad. It looks like she's suffering from anorexia.
  8. she looks horrible
  9. I think because her poularity is fading and she is not earning as much money she is either doing this for publicity or is really depressed about lack of work and fearful of her lost looks and has done this to look and feel better- even though I think she looks yuck!
  10. Ewwwwwwe.
  11. Poor thing...I think she has become totally lost in the Hollywood world and this is her last attempt to get some publicity...by starving herself.
  12. how stressed out is she to do this to herself?
  13. She looks ridiculous. :throwup:

  14. who knows but I am sure she has people telling her this is what she should be doing to look good...it is Hollywood after all

    btw I am not condoning her for what she has done to herself, just trying to make some sense of it
  15. oo no... she's heading down the "nicole-skeleton" road... I was so pleased when nicole put on weight... looks so much better!
    now tara needs to add some extra pounds!!
    maybe christmas food will do her some good!
Thread Status:
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