Tara @ Bella

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  2. She looked so much better before she started partying over the top...

    What a shame..
  3. she is so gross...
  4. Get those boobs out girl!
  5. Oy...:Push:
  6. ...And she used to be so cute...
  7. she USED to be pretty.....
  8. Her hair looks very ragged. Almost like she cut it herself without a mirror. Is it just me or what?
  9. Every women should know her actual bra size!!
  10. I can't believe Tom Brady actually dated her! She *was* pretty at one time though...her American Pie days. What happened to her stomach you can see it in the 2nd picture - lipo gone wrong??? :throwup:
  11. She did used to be so cute and pretty. Too much partying aged her a bit I think.
  12. haha, guys. be thankful shes wearing a bra! yea shes definitely trashy now
  13. I was just going to say that :smile:
  14. like i say in almost every tara post.. i feel for the girl. she totally lost herself after that horrible break up.

    and she used to be pretty.. darn. now shes just a dirty (take a SHOWER tara) skank.
  15. eww!