Tapage purse charm question

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  1. Can anyone please tell me when did LV first start putting serial numbers on this bag charm/keyring?

    I bought one about 6-7 years ago and note it has no number (but it was bought from the boutique?) TIA:smile:
  2. Anybody any thoughts please?
  3. Hey there,

    I have one of the older ones - the ones with the rivets - the new ones no longer have rivets, because apparently they used to fall out (I have never had this happen) - and mine doesn't have a date code, and it also doesn't have this tiny little golden tag that the new ones have.....maybe this is connected?

    Sorry I can't anwser your specific question.

  4. I think the serial number is on the little gold tag... I have the newer model.
  5. Mine is older with no small gold tag and no date code but can't help with years :sad: sorry! Would love to know the answer too!
  6. I think the change was fairly recent, as someone on TPF brought up not too long ago that there were two Tapage charms listed on the LV site. One was the old version (rivets, no date code tag) and the new version (gold divets, and date code/made in tag). Although I though the date code was engraved on the clip prior to LV adding date code tags? Not sure though.
  7. Yeah I've seen some with the date code engraved on the lobster clasp too
  8. it started around the 2010s'
  9. Thank you VERY much for this help
  10. It's good to hear from others with the older Tapage that they do not have date codes. I bought mine from a large consignment store and then got really worried it was fake becuase there was no date code - but it came in the full packaging.

    Must say, the Tapage is one of my favorites.

  11. I also did not find a date code on my Tapage bag charm and I was wondering if someone could post some pictures of the older version of the charm. Showing the rivet and the little gold tag?
    That would be awesome.