tap tap tappety tap...

  1. Anyone else LOVE the sound your stiletto heels make when you walk? I tell you it is music to my ears!
  2. not just stilettos for me - i love clickin sounds from all kinds of heels....makes me feel all professional and important...lol..

  3. This thread makes me think of the movie Devil Wear Prada when the girl comes home to her boyfiend after working at the magazine and says something like "I hate those clicker shoes!".

    I like them too but since I'm one of the few people in my office who wear heels everyone knows it's me from a mile away.
  4. I love them but then when I'm in a quiet place I feel too self conscious lol.
  5. I love the sound! It's like: "...look out world, here comes pursegrrl!" hee hee
  6. Ditto:smile:
  7. LOl. Same here.
  8. I actually don't like either, It makes men's heads turn.It grabs too much attention
  9. A boy I went to university with yelled at me and my friends when we worn loud shoes after coming home from the night clubs. It was a loud "clop clop" echo sound in the halls of our "dorm." We always wore nice tall high heel shoes so we did not think it was a big deal. But he got so mad with us saying we were a disturbance! But then we found out he had a fetish dealing with feet and he felt aroused at this sound. It was gross!!!!!! He had websites of feet and all that stuff on his computer.

    I was so glad when the term ended n he moved out so I could run around in my high heels free, without pervo-boy listening.