Tao is Las Vegas

  1. ive been to the club part before but has anyone ever been to the restaurant? i made reservations for me & bf next week but i would love reviews!
  2. Very good food. Good choice. I wasn't nuts about the club though.
  3. This is late, but I liked the food at Tao. The food is more Asian Fusion, and they give you chocolate Fortune Cookies that have "adult" fortunes!
  4. we went and enjoyed it! the waiter didnt like the fortune cookie my BF got so he gave him anohter one..so funny. mine said "naughtiness is a virtue" SO TRUE!!! lol..we had some drinks there and then some guy said that Sunday they are opening Tao Beach on the roof but we could go in after dinner for VIP nite and they gave us each a card for 4 free drinks! that is a hott club! i love Tao club too! def recomend Tao (rest.,beach & club)