Tanukiki's countdown thread to delivery

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  1. I called FedEx to see if I could pick up the package at the FedEx facility. Their website makes it look like it's feasible to do this. Even though the tracking page says it's at the dest sort facility in Dallas apparently it really isn't or they have some steps to go through before it officially is there. She says it'll be at the sort facility on the 2nd and will be delivered that afternoon. I know they aren't delivering, processing, etc on Tues because it's a holiday. So I guess it will really be Wed after work that I pick this up. *sigh* I can wait....I can wait.... :lol::upsidedown:
  2. ^I feel your pain!! I am waiting for a bag with a scheduled delivery of 1/2 and it's killing me. I just checked the tracking on mine and it's still on the other side of the US! :hysteric:
  3. Feel free to wait here impatiently with me :lol:
  4. That is so exciting, I have never ordered anything from them to be delivered to my house but I could only imagine the anticipation !
  5. some of us had a countdown the day that 4 of us were expecting our Mini Lily. Congrats and good luck waiting!
  6. I remember that! Thanks!
  7. :sad: I know that pain. I see I have my gallery tote sitting in customs and its been there since the 22nd. I 'm hoping it will be here by wed's..
  8. There is nothing sweeter or more torturous than waiting for a package containing Coach!
  9. It will be worth the wait, I'm sure!!! :nuts::yes:
  10. What was it that you ordered? I'm sure you said, but I can't remember. Waiting can be so hard!
  11. I feel your pain...I am waiting on my Heritage Stripe small pink.khaki tote that is supposed to be delivered on the 2nd as well....
  12. Tanukiki--can I join your "ladies-in-waiting" club? I'm ordering the new Legacy top handle pouch today!!!! :yahoo:I'll report back on my due date!:lol:
  13. Medium heritage stripe tote in pink. :love: I see you added your new bag to your signature- very nice!
  14. Of course! All in-waiting welcome. :party: Feel free to post updates as your tracking info changes. I did that last time with my scarf hippie! :lol:
  15. in the meanwhile.. let par-tiee:drinkup::popcorn::popcorn::party: