1. Has anyone ordered from this site? Is it a legitimate site and are they selling real Tanos?
  2. I seem to recall someone on here saying that they're not real Tanos.

  3. Thats unfortunate because they have a large selection it appears. Where did you order your latest Tano finds from?
  4. When I order something new, it's usually from Must Have Bag. I've also ordered from That's Our Bag, and have found other new (past seasons) bags on eBay.

  5. I thought their claim to shame was for occasional shady customer service, and that Tanos haven't been faked by anyone. A lot of Tano styles are actually inspired by other brands' bags.
  6. Tano says they dont recognize the name and if they are buying from them they are using another name. They are looking into it.
  7. ^Huh? They've sold Tanos for several years.
  8. The woman who emailed me from Tano says they have never heard of Tanohandbagshop.com.

    I did try and buy something from the site that is what raised a red flag. I entered all my information in and then a screen popped up stating that they are unable to process orders for my region??? WTH. I live oustide DC. Then I sent them an email and heard nothing back. They have all my information and I have no idea if they are legitimate.
  9. Maybe they're out of business.
  10. Oops, I realized I was thinking of efashionhouse or whatever they're called. The site you asked about is based in China and it looks like they're not set up to receive payments online. Maybe they require wire transfers. Their prices are kinda crazy ($324 for French Nanny??) and the stock is old so I would avoid for a zillion reasons.
  11. I have ordered from efashionhouse and two times never had a problem. I ordered a bag a few weeks ago and never got the bag. I sent emails, left voicemails never heard a word. The money just showed up back in my account. They could have at least sent me an email to let me know why I never got the bag or returned my call, something.

    I am only ordering from MHB or TOB from now one.
  12. I've also ordered from Imelda & Louie's shoes and Harper Rose and got good service from them. Also Touch of Sass.

  13. I ordered from Harper Rose a few weeks ago. They do have excellent service. I will check out the other two!