Tanobag.com updated for fall/winter - FINALLY!

  1. Tano has finally updated their website with the fall bags...check them out at www.tanobag.com
  2. Thanks for posting. I've been looking at musthavebag for more updates but tanos site is more complete. I really love some of the new styles but some I think are kind of ugly such as http://www.tanobag.com/detail.cfm?season=B&syear=2007&group=TR&style=3747&IMMED=&desc=WHICH%20HAZEL&makebuy=B

    Does anyone know what kind of color pewter is? On musthavebag it looks like a silver but on the tano site it's more a bronze color so I'm kind of confused. BTW I wonder why they haven't made a purple bag yet when they have colors like orange and yellow that I'm not thrilled about. I would love a purple tano!

    This bag looks like it'd be nice in that mahogany rose color! http://www.tanobag.com/detail.cfm?season=B&syear=2007&group=GD&style=3577&IMMED=&desc=HIGH%20ROLLER&makebuy=B
  3. paintednightsky-

    The hollywould bag is coming in purple!!! Thats the only one that I know of. But hardly any were made- wont be easy to find in stores. High roller just shipped to Anthropologie - I saw them putting on their labels yesterday when I was at Tano's warehouse picking up an order.

    Some of the "pewter" bags look silver, and others look like a gunmetal color IRL, depending upon which style you are referring to. But dont trust every pic on Tanos website- a lot of them were taken a few months ago of the original prototypes. Since them some of the colors have been modified.
  4. Thanks for the info. I was looking at the hollywould bag and wanted it in the charcoal gray but I guess I'll have to wait to see how it looks in the purple!
  5. Alexandra I am dying to see a pic of the purple Hollywould bag..when...?
  6. Its funny, I ordered some bags in amarynth (purple) back in May for Fall. Then in August Tano told me that they cancelled that color due to lack of interest. Now 2 (even though I ordered 6) purple hollywoulds appeared "out of nowhere" on my packing list for the shipment coming in on friday. I asked them if it was a mistake and they said no- they ended up making a small quantity of amarynth bags since they had some skins of it made for sampling. I'll post a pic of it for you when I have one- but that may not be until Monday night- I have tons of pre-orders to ship this weekend before I start doing pics...

  7. Wow there are quite a number of styles to choose from. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. I like so many of the styles.

    I was wondering why there was no purple. I thought I probably just missed out and it was done already. Unfortunately, I'm not crazy about the hollywould style to big of a bag for me.
  8. I dunno which bag the Hollywould one is. Can someone link it?
  9. wow, i love the new messenger style bags...will they be avialable for sale anytime soon?
  10. there are so many gorgeous styles! poptart, flirty little secret, grand larceny wallet...but what i don't understand is tano's insistence on pairing that dark brown trim with almost every color on every bag. some colors would look better with black, not brown, handles and trim - like tango red. this is why i'm drawn to flirty little secret, as it's all one color. this way, i can buy it in tango red, and the whole bag will be red.
  11. I agree....there are a lot of nice styles and shapes but the trim is a little off.
  12. I like most of the new bags on the tano website. I hope most of them end up at musthavebags.com.