1. hello...

    any tano fans out here..i am sure... :teehee:

    where do you go to get the best deal?


  2. http://www.musthavebag.com/bags.cfm

    I have not bought one .... YET.... but tomorrow that may not be true any more!!!! The BLUE BAGS are so gorgeous...

    There's a few Tano threads here in this forum... I've read every post today trying to make up my mind! haha
  3. I have never heard of Tano bags until reading about them on tPF. They look like great bags and I might just get one someday : )
  4. i posted this in a few tano threads but musthavebag.com offers pfers $20 off bags over $100 and free shipping. you have to email her to make sure, i think i have all the details.

    happy shopping!
  5. I emailed her this morning... just waiting to hear back! I'm ordering in the morning regardless hehe
  6. Voodoo, I was just emailing her as well. She responds very fast to email but I think I have her direct email address. I had asked her what the top selling bags were and she was kind enough to run a report and sent it to me with pictures. Of course now I am lusting after new styles :drool:
  7. I have this current obsession with blue bags.... I went NUTS when I started seeing the Tano bags and did all my tPF research this monring haha

    I used the email addy on her site.... if I PM you my personal email address would you forward the report to me? If not, it's okay. Thanks!
  8. Voodoo, I will double check with Alexandra to make sure it's ok if I forward the information. I did suggest she post it on her site and she said she is already in the works to revamping the site. It sounds like it's going to be great.
  9. AWESOME.... Thanks, JudieH!
  10. I'm not sure if the pictures will show up, but here are the current Top 10 Tano handbags on musthavebag.com:

    1-BOOGIE bucket (like 3 x more than any other bag)

    2- mona lethal

    3- sex bomb

    4- CHICKLET wallet

    5-vixen van gogo

    6-BUTANE jane

    7-X ROADS

    8-buxom buddy

    9-speed demon


  11. Oh, the pictures didn't show up! Oh well, at least you have the names and you can look them up on her site.

    Voodoo, if you send me a PM with your email address, I can forward you her email so you can see the pictures underneath the name. That helped me a lot.
  12. There are also some Tano bags at lunaboston.com and you can use grechen for a discount. Also thatsourbag.com and adoniabags.com have a large selection as well. I didn't know about the $20.00 off at musthavebag.com. That's great.

  13. OH! Rock on!:tup:
  14. i am thinking of getting maid in form - its sooo pretty in person
  15. yeah, i am pretty much obsessed w/ these bags now...

    did you see the new flapjack?