1. i've had my eye on this bag, for some reason it just says "you want me you need me you love me" i was in the market for a blue bag (yet to be purchased) and i continue to come upon this pic. i have now saved it to my computer. when i did a search for store locations on tano bags ... i found out that like 2 seconds down the road, they sell them. no time to go today, so i figured i'd get opinions.

    does anyone own a Tano?

    what is the leather quality?

    how do they hold up?

    anyone who does/doesn't have a Tano, i'd still love an opinion of this bag:
    Tano Love Boat in Celeste or scotch whisky.jpg
  2. OMG! You gotta get it! It's gorgeous! If I could afford to have extra bags in great fashionable colors, I would! And this one looks so soft and buttery. And the sky blue color is fabulous. Although I have personally not owned a Tano, I know they are hugely popular in London, and are said to be of great quality. If you do a search on here for TANO, I think you'll see some great comments about the brand.
    I think you should totally buy it. I love it!!!
  3. i'm thinking about getting this exact same bag, I have 2 Tano bags, the first I wasn't too happy with because the leather started to crack was peeling off and bits were all over my clothing, car, etc. if that makes any sense it was pretty awful, :weird: but I still have the bag and it has held up well. The second bag is a bucket bag the strap came apart a bit but the bag is still holding up. I wouldn't have ordered another one after the peeling leather incident, the only reason I have two bags is because I ordered them both at the same time. Overall I think the bags are nice, I got a lot of compliments on them.
  4. That bag is gorgeous!!!
  5. That bag is divine, and I think you'll love the leather. I have a few Tanos, including the "cracked leather" which does flake off a bit through use, it's made that way. I don't know if the first poster had that type of leather, but I've not experienced the problem she did.
    You will not find a higher quality leather for the price of Tano. You can find more online at View all Tano Handbags including hard to find Dumpling, Guerilla, Banana, Shopper, and French Kiss and Welcome To That's Our Bag! both are great sites I've used before. Great service from both!
  6. I love it! I just bought a black Linea Pelle bag (soft distressed leather) and I get little bits of black on my blouses when I carry it. I don't see where the leather is coming off, leather on the bag looks perfect, but the shreds are still coming. I just brush it off and still love the bag!
  7. Very attractive looking bag and the color is very pretty. Be sure to let us know if you buy it:woohoo:
  8. Tano Handbags

    Tano Handbags

    Tano Handbags

    i like these too but crunch crumbling leather? eek...

    i would steer clear of that kind of description anyway, but i'm totally plannin on buying one!
  9. I love Tano!! I have owned a couple in the past...I think they are very durable!
  10. ok so now which one is the only problem i'm having. i am definately making Tano my next purchase. i hope when i go to the Grasshopper Shoppe down the way from my house, they have one of the bags i am looking dreamily at, and at a decent price! if not, online is where my decision will be made! which do you like?
  11. Oooo - love that blue one. Very Gerard Darel-esque, non?
  12. I have the Tano minilisa and I'm absolutely in love with it! It's held up great for me so far and I'll definitely be buying more Tano in the future. I say go for it! The spring line is gorgeous :drool:
  13. i'm going to one of the 2 ONLY stores in Maine with Tano (happens to be a store on Main street, which i live on... what luck!)

    hopefully the crunch leather is the only kind they have... although i don't think the cloud line is out yet. we'll just have to wait and see when i go there (they open in 15 minuts... buggers...)

    no, no purchase will be made today, as i'm a broke joke till at least friday, if not, NEXT friday, so for now i just get to browse... what a tease. :hysteric: