Tano Zippy Bucket Mini Reveal

  1. Soooo I caved earlier this month and decided that I needed another Tano bag. BagHaus.com was having a nice sale, and they had some Tanos available!


    And here it is, out of the box! Tano "Zippy" bucket hobo in Coconut. My cat was very interested, apparently!

    Overall it's a nice bag, as Tanos tend to be. It is light and sturdy, typical of their new Lux leather. The hardware is good, all the zippers work well, especially the side pockets on the outside of the bag. The one thing I kind of don't like, is the strap. It's thin and feels rough along the edges and underside, scratching against my shoulder. The Zippy bucket IS a tall bag and can fit a lot into it. I think what I'll do eventually is add a fob or key chain to the outside to liven it up a little bit...but we shall see :smile:
  2. Again, I like irl pics way better than tano stock picks. The stock pics kind of make the side zippers look like an after thought to me. But your pics make it look great! Hope the strap softens up and gets more comfy for you.
  3. Love that coconut color! I prefer that unfinished underside to the shoulder strap, the bag doesn't slip off if it's like that. Beautiful bag!!

  4. More photos!
    The bag with all my stuff in it (minus the phone so I can take pics lol). So slouchy! The color is very different here due to the sunlight coming into my room from the window. It went from a dark brown to a bronze it looks like!

    Me wearing it cross body (oh noes, me in a mirror!). I did this to show how it hangs on a larger body like mine, and for size comparison. The flecks are due to dust on my mirror...I ought to clean it more often!:

    On the shoulder, same strap length:
  5. I love the way it almost glows in the sun, and the key chain you added is so cute!

    I only have one Tano with straps that are unfinished on the underside, and I really like it. I purchased it used on eBay and by that point the straps were quite cozy. I'm not sure how rough they were when the bag was new or how long it took for them to become more comfortable, but they certainly wear well with time.
  6. Thanks! That's good to know; it only proves that I need to wear it frequently and with love :p