1. I ordered a Tano bag from musthavebag yesterday. Alexandra was a huge help to me. I emailed her with a list of what I was looking for in a bag and she helped me pick one out.

    She offers pf members $20 off any full price item over $100 and free shipping :tup:
  2. I didn't know that. how nice of her! thanks for sharing:tup:
  3. Thanks for letting us know.
  4. Thank you! Let us know how your bag is, I've never heard of Tano, how is the leather??
  5. BalenciagaLove1(love your name!! I'm a recovering Balenciaga aholic). Check out the main handbag & purse forum. There's a long thread on Tanos right now and if you do a search, you will find many threads on the brand. This will be my first Tano so I cannot comment on the leather. I have seen a few irl and they have all been lovely. Tano makes different types of leathers- some are softer than others, but they are all pretty lightweight, like B bags only much, much, cheaper!