Tano wristlets, anyone?

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  1. thanks TE! some really cute styles!
  2. now dont everyone start asking me for dimensions, prices, colors, etc... I am just posting these pics here on TPF so that y'all know that Tano makes 'em.
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! :drool::drool:

    Are these "Tano" sized or "wristlet" sized :lol:
  4. they are all regular wristlet size except for postage tramp. (the one that looks like a mini pavlovs frog)
  5. TE you're the best! I really only thought Tano made wallets...and I forgot all about the Postage Tramp! Thank you!!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks TE! Now to decide which one to get......:tup:
  7. Is that last one the Rock Royalty clutch?! I was eyeing that on eBay before I bought my Chicklit because it looked like a Sheikh Down with a detachable strap! I am so getting one! I love the Postage Tramp too! It's super cute, just enough detail without being overwhelming and not too little to be boring. It doesn't hurt that I'm in love with raspberry crunch!
  8. I like that one that looks like an envelope! Thanks TE for posting these!
  9. I love the Postage Stamp, so happy that it made the cut! Any idea what the color choices are?
  10. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!
  11. thanks Alex your the best!
  12. Yaaay! Can't wait to see more!
  13. ohh i love them!! i wish i knew the size....not that im asking ;)
  14. Some of them are on Thats Our Bag with dimensions listed.