TANO - who are authorized dealers online?

  1. Hi everyone. I really like TANO purses but don't currently own one. I like a couple of styles and am thinking of purchasing one but I don't know which websites are actually legitimate/authorized dealers. Can you tell me the trusted websites for this brand, and perhaps, who may have the best deals?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. musthavebag.com is the only authorized site but there are other sites too. TANO expert can help you finding the bag you need. She's fab!
  3. ^ completely agree...tano expert is awesome and extremely helpful/nice!! Also, if you go to tanobag.com you can search to see if their are any dealers in your area! good luck! Tano bags are VERY nice!:yes:
  4. how do i contact tano expert? :smile: sorry...new to tpf, LOL :yahoo:
  5. Tano expert and musthavebag.com are one and the same. You can just go through the website.
  6. Here I am! Feel free to PM me if you have any Tano questions.

    There are hundreds of authorized Tano retailers across the US, and even a few abroad. Tano selected my store as their exclusive authorized ONLINE dealership. There are several other stores/individuals selling Tano bags online- get their address and check Tano's store locator by state on www.tanobag.com, to make sure they are a Tano dealer before you buy. And always check for feedback on the store by doing a search on TPF first JUST IN CASE! (Now, if only they would get that search button working again!)
  7. I bought mine from musthavebag.com and adoniabags.com, both I've had no problems with. Good luck in your search, tano bags are awesome.
  8. if you can find the one you want go through must have bag she is wonderful to work with they even have a few styles on sale right now.
  9. hi tano expert :smile: I already looked at your website! thank you for the message! i might be making a purchase sometime soon ;)
  10. hi again :smile: so i am looking for a good size, throw around brown purse that's not oh-so big, but something easy to carry for everyday use. i really don't have a good-sized brown leather purse except for a coach hobo or a few burberry handbags (which are not really throw around purses). TANO seems like they have such good leather and are trendy as well. i really like this one (http://www.musthavebag.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=208&category=0) but am afraid it's going to be too big. what do you think? i like it because it can be a handbag and also has those straps for the shoulder. i like that it's not too slouchy since the shape of it and construction lends to some kind of 'structure' still. i just love that it looks funky and the color is great!

    opinions please, thank you :smile:
  11. You can also try lunaboston.com and thatsourbag.com

  12. oh oh!! I have that bag! I love it, it's the perfect size for me, although I should mention that I favor larger bags and carry a ton of stuff around (hey, I'm a college student), but for a big bag it's not 'huge', if that makes sense...to give you an idea - it's smaller than my backpack, but I can fit a 3-ring binder inside and just zip it up. I'm also 5'5". It actually does slouch some when using the shoulder strap, but the leather is not of the "smooshy" variety so it retains structure., although it has become more pliable since I first got it. I have it in the wine color and I swear, men and women alike always fawn over it.

    here's a link to pictures I posted when I first got it: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/frusterated-and-on-a-tano-hunt-186617-5.html#post4044593
  13. hapijuliet18, I would also suggest the jane reaction bag in the fugesickle color, which will be coming in mid to late February. I dont have a pic of it in the new color, but here is pic of the bag in the Fall/winter shade of brown called carafe:
  14. Hi Alexandra, when will you have pictures of the beach Boogie up on your site? :smile:
  15. I wont be able to take pics of the bag in any of the new colors until they arrive. The ETA at the moment is mid February.

    The pics that are currently on my site of the boogie bucket are of colors that were repeated from past seasons, so I had pics already in my database (apricot orange, dandelion yellow, fudgesickle brown, black) The names of these 4 particular colors may have changed, but the colors themselves really have not. The 4 truly "new" colors- called watermelon(coral), lawn (green), pool (dark turquoise) and beach (off white) have never been offered before, so I dont have any old pics of them that I can use/post. Sorry!