TANO: What's the diff between tango red and wine?

  1. I want to buy the Vixen Van Go Go but can't decide between tango red and beaujolais. I'm looking for a true red bag. Is the tango red more orangey? The beaujolais looks like a brown-red to me. Thanks!
  2. Thanks paintednightsky. All the pictures I've seen show tango red to have orange tones. Is this the case in real life or is it just photography?
  3. Tango red isn't orangey, its a deep, bright red. The beaujolais is more of a burgundy.
  4. photos can never convey the true, true color, as light conditions, camera settings and monitors really vary.
  5. Thanks for explaining Alexandra. I've got a better idea now. I'm in Singapore so there's no way to see the bags IRL before I buy!

    But while I'm talking to you, is Lust in Translation in tango red still available or is it sold out?
  6. Tano is sold out of that style in every color and they arent making it again for Spring. But maybe there is a retailer out there somewhere that still has one on the shelf...who knows?