Tano Warehouse Sale

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  1. So ladies I headed over to the Tano warehouse sale and it was crazy. They have LOTS AND LOTS of bags...sorry I don't know the names of them but I saw a lot of current bags that are on their site at the sale. The prices all range from like 49.90, 59.90, 69.90, and 79.90. I don't think I saw anything over $80.00. They had a lot of wallets and clutches and stuff. The woman said they're bringing new stuff daily almost. There was some wallets for like $10-$15 which isn't that bad. I would def. recommend taking a trip up there. I scored a bag for $80!!

  2. Which one did you get??
  3. You are so lucky!!!!!! We would love to see pics!
  4. Lucky you! I decided to skip out. I'll go next year. Unfortunately this year, I've already spent more than I should have on bags.
  5. Not sure of the style but I'm pretty sure it's the Boogie Bucket in that yellow/honey color. Love love love it!!
  6. Hi-- I'm heading over to the Tano Warehouse sale on Saturday. I always go when they have a sale and it's great! I'll write tomorrow and let you know what I scored.
  7. URGH I'm so jealous ;)! Have fun ladies and take lots of pics of your goodies you score!
  8. I went to the Tano Warehouse sale today and they had a ton of bags, but the prices were higher than they have been in the past at their sales. They're still a lot lower than retail, but everything ranged from $60-$120. I scored a gorgeous purple cross body bag with distressed leather for $80.
  9. Did you get anything RiverBagLady!?