Tano wallets????

  1. Anyone have a tano wallet? Likes / Dislikes? Best one / place to get it?
  2. I don't have one but did you check out Tano's website? They have the new fall stuff up. Some of the wallet look really cute.
  3. I just ordered my chicklit wallet. I'll let you know thursday if I like it since that's when mine comes. I can't wait. I chose chicklet since I am super paranoid of loosing money and that's a zip around so less fear for me and chose it in black because it'll match all my purses although I was dying to get it in a more colorful color.
  4. I have the chicklit and I think it's the best wallet I've found in a long time. It has double zipper compartments so everything is safe and then it has a compartment in the middle for Id. It holds a ton of stuff and is still very light. It might be a little large if you carry a small handbag, it's almost a clutch but other than that it's a great wallet.
  5. violawas, would you please post some pics of it closed, open, showing the features? Thanks..