Tano versus Balenciaga

  1. Obviously not even in the same league price and status wise but I am curious how the leather and "squish" factor compare.

    I have seen a few "messenger" tote bags I like in the Tano line, assuming I am able to obtain any of the ones I like and can adjust the straps how Id like.

    I like the Goody Bag (sangria), Mona Lethal(tango red), codoleza vice (also tango red)....compared to say the flat messenger/day bag from Balenciaga.

  2. I'm no expert but I have to say, I don't think anything compares to Bbag leather when it comes to the squish factor! There are definitely variations from year to year, and even within the same year (some Bbag leather can be dry) but if you get a really good one....it's perfection and well worth the $.
  3. I wouldn't buy another Tano if they paid me. I bought a My Heroine bag last year and the leather is awful. It looks like something I got in a jumble sale. I have a lot of handbags and I can hands down say it's about the worst quality I've got - I've bought handbags in high street stores that look better quality.

    But then I don't think the Balenciaga are worth the $£ either.
  4. i don't have tao but own several balenciaga and nothing can beats the leather :p
    balenciaga's leathers are unique, i don't found a lot of bags that can compared to them
  5. I think it just goes without saying that you buy the B bag for the leather. Nothing beats it. I hope I get one soon.
  6. I own three tano and all three are different leathers (cloud, crackle and crunch). My cloud is definitly the softest with more squish and the crunch is squishy with a bit of a sheen. I love Tano and think they are great, reliable, affordable, beautiful bags. I do like balenciaga and my SIL has one which is TDF, however I myself can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a bag.
  7. I'm very knowledgeable about Tano bags, but have I never owned a Balanciaga, so I cant really comment. The leather comparison is often made, and I once heard that Tano's crunch leather is modelled after Balanciaga's leather, but you are talking about a Mini Cooper vs a Rolls royce in terms of price, here- so I dont think its really a fair comparison to make. They are not going to be of the same quality, but lots of Tano bags are squishy. It depends upon the construction and the leather. Goody bag would be the softest of the 3 but its made of lenny leather, not crunch leather.
  8. Thanks, so you are the one to talk to ;)

    Is that one still available? The goody?
  9. I don't own any Tano, but I do have 2 Bbags.

    The closest leather I've seen to Balenciaga in terms of look/weight is Anna/Foley and Corinna. My plum mini City Tote has a similar distressed look in lightweight leather. The F&C leather isn't smooshy like Bbag leather though, and it's drier.
  10. Depends on where you look. It's sold out in a lot of stores. You can email Brendan@tanobag.com for a few suggestions of retailers near you that ordered it, or look online.
  11. I don't have any B-bags but I can say that my Tano bags are terrific bags.

    Given the difference in price, I'd rather have the # of Tano bags the price of one B-Bag would buy.
  12. IMO... Tano bag's leather just CAN'T compare with balenciaga.. although obviously we're paying for the designer label as well, i dont think there're any other bags out there with the same squishyness... comparable maybe (linea pelle, belen echandia, etc) but definitely NOT tano.:nogood:
  13. I have the lenny leather in the goody bag and it is sturdy, soft leather. It's not squishy soft, or is it thin like HH leather. It's sturdy and makes an awesome everyday bag. I love messenger bags for a long day of shopping. I have the mona Lethal as well in the wine colour and it's great as well. The crunch leather is nice and thin but not so thin you have to baby it.

    I especially love the crunch leather in Tango Red. It is the PERFECT RED. I love it. Tanos are fun, affordable and I love all 10 of mine.
  14. I have Tanos and love them as well (especially) the Lenny leather. I have the Lady Octane messenger bag and really love it. You either love Tano or you don't. You might order one, try it and send it back if you don't. You can't beat the price!
  15. My bbag was my first leather bag - so I'm tainted. All my other bags at the time were canvas or jacquard/fabric. But when I was in East Hampton last summer I stopped into this little shop that sold Tano bags - and I was shockingly surprised at how soft and supple they were - and affordable!! They felt durable and strong - but similar in design/texture to the bbag. I actually found myself kind of miffed by them, actually. The bbag leather is definitely superior - but not worth-$900.00-more superior... :whistle: maybe $100.00 or so superior...

    Just my 2 cents. I think a Tano is worth owning. I like what they stand for. If you already have a bbag, give Tano a try. If this would be your first bbag and you have the funds, then go for the bbag.

    HTH. :flowers: