Tano Truffle

  1. Does anyone have this bag yet or is anyone planning on getting it?

    I can't stop thinking about it and even though I've always disliked the color orange, I LOVE it in the papaya color!

    Anyway...I have many questions regarding this bag...
    Who has it?

  2. It is really cute.
  3. it's so adorable! you might want to ask alexandra (tano expert) questions you have about the truffle. i think you can e-mail her at service@musthavebag.com
  4. Ugh! You should not have posted this bag because I am pining for it! I thought I was getting over it (out of sight, out of mind), but the picture makes me love it all over again!

    But I don't have it, so I can't answer your questions. But from all the pics I've seen, it is a beauty, and I believe it runs a bit smaller than the average Tano.
  5. Thta is adorable!!!
  6. Basically my question is how collapsible it is. Is it sort of unstructured similar to the Boogie Bag or does it hold it's shape even when it's empty?

    I can't wait to see this bag in the blue color too!
  7. I've been wanting this bag for ages and I can't decide what color! I'm kind of leaning towards that papaya too. Keep us posted on what you get!