Tano Straw... Which to choose?

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Which Bag in Which Color?

  1. First Base in Pearl

  2. First Base in Bronze

  3. Beauty Gram in Pearl

  4. Beauty Gram in Bronze


Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have a burning need for a Tano in straw. But which bag in which color??? Both come in pearl or bronze:

    First Base (bronze)

    Beauty Gram (pearl)

  2. Voodoo -- Beauty Gram! I have requested it in pearl at musthavebag! We can be purse twins.
  3. Beauty Gram in Pearl will be a nice summer bag!:tup:
  4. If you are wanting it for summer, than definitely the pearl!! The bronze is nice too but the pearl is my preference for the warm months ahead.

  5. Yay! That'd rock right out!:yahoo:
  6. I love the handles! :yes:

    Yes, I'm thinking of a nice summery bag.:love:
  7. I actually love the First Base in Bronze. I know the Pearl wouldn't stay clean if I had it. Plus, the bronze kind of works with the safari styles they're showing for summer.
  8. I love the Beauty Gram in Pearl but my only concern would be keeping it clean. If you baby it it should be fine otherwise I might choose bronze.

  9. OH excellent thought.......bonus points to writerrobyn for the Fashion Forward Thinking Point of the Day! :flowers:
  10. I have my worried about the pearl and dirt as well. I'm not rough on my bags and I'm pretty much germophobic all the time. But would I be a basket case carrying it I wonder....
  11. i like the first base bronze best... such a rich color with all white would be lovely this summer!
  12. I wonder if the straw has a smooth feel to it. I've felt some rough straw bags and those seem to catch and snag clothing. This looks pretty smooth. Also, can't go wrong with the price as well. As for getting dirty, I think it will be fine. It's not white white.
  13. LOL! It so rarely happens, but I try!
  14. The bronze is gorgeous .....

    I've never owned a straw bag so I didn't think about that.... It does look smooth so...maybe not...
  15. Voodoo- whichever bag you pick, you have to make your kids pose with it!