Tano Spring - Decision Made!

  1. Can I just get a round of applause for Alex w/ musthavebag.com, please?? Now THIS is customer service.... she tolerates my emails and question after question and back and forth always w/ complete patience and true excitement! (:woohoo:Thanks, Alex!)

    Now then... I knew as soon as the colors "pool" and "watermelon" were part of Tano's spring collection that I'd have to have a bag in each color. .... and I had been so SO SO indecisive but I have my pre-orders all squared away ....finally!

    What do you think of these two bags?

    I'm going with the Baby Daddy in pool crunch leather:


    And the Eight Ball in watermelon Lenny Leather:

  2. Voodoo, you are too much! I would love to meet you in person.

    Oh and by the way, Your choices are great :smile:
  3. I love the eightball. Alex, how much is the eightball??
  4. Love the white. Good choice.
  5. wow, I really like the eight ball bag. Is Lenny leather the softer/non shiny opposite to crunch leather? I may have to look into this one, it looks fantastic.

    Also - can you post a link to the Eight Ball bag? I can't seem to find it on the musthavebag.com site...or is it not on there yet? Sorry I'm a bit clueless.
  6. Me too. I like the eight ball. SO pretty.
  7. The eight ball in Lenny Leather is so great. VooDoo- please posts pic of you modeling the bag. I would like to get a visual of the demensions. Thanks
  8. Ooh, the Eightball looks fabulous. Can that strap go crossbody?
  9. Nice choices! Can't wait to see your pics when you get them :smile:
  10. :drool: Very nice!!
  11. Voodoo, Those are two of the bags that I have been looking very closely at. I love them!
  12. I found the Eight Ball bag by 'creatively surfing' Tano's website. This is the link...but not all the colors are present and it's not really 'published' yet which is why the Fall 2007 bags still come up when you click "Bags".

    When I saw the Eight Ball I emailed Alex about it ...I pre-ordered that bag a few weeks ago as Alex said it was going to be made in limited quantities so I am hoping I've lucked into it!!!

    The same bag in crunch is the Jeans Addicition...but it sadly wasn't available in pool.

    Last, I don't expect to get either of these bags until March-May....but it'll be worth the wait!!
  13. Eight ball is $245 and its a cross body bag. Its made of soft and squishy lenny leather. Tano is only listing it in green, white and brown. The pool was only made to fill whatever orders were booked at the trade show. I snuck an order in for Voodoo, though...

  14. Watermelon... hehe

    Alex you rock... :love:
  15. Great bags!