Tano Spring 2012 collection

  1. Hi, here is a thread for discussion of Tano's Spring 2012 collection.

    Most of Tano's Spring bags are already posted on e-tailers sites at this point, but Tano just added a few new goodies at their recent trade show.

    I'll post the pics here tomorrow.

    Which bags are y'all liking best so far? My personal favorite is
    MISS MARVELOUS... I'm thinking maybe this will be my Spring bag in vanilla :smile:

  2. I like the Miss Marvelous. I was thinking one of the blues not sure which one.
  3. The blue for spring is called CORNFLOWER and its a cheery bold blue, then the bag is also being made for Prefall in a dark blue called INK which is a sort of navy.
  4. Pics??

    Is everything up on the Tano website?
  5. I like mercury rising maybe in the blue, will you be carrying it? Very 70's!
  6. My fellow Tano lovers...what bag are you obsessing about for Spring. It is warm here so I am starting to think spring.
  7. I really like that Fruit For Thought in the Island color. And love the new Bag Check colors.

  8. I'm kind of digging the bag check in the diva leather and the fruit for thought.
  9. Actually, I just noticed the zippy bucket in pewter. I think that one is a-calling my name!:graucho:
  10. That Island color is gorgeous. I wish they had that color option for some of the other bags too.
  11. Has anyone preordered/ordered anything yet?:wondering
  12. Any new leathers out for spring? I am liking Spin Control but I'm over lux leather.
  13. I was thinking about getting Spin Control, but not sure what the lux leather is like.

    Why are you over it? Is it poor quality? Does it wear well?

    I have had a Boogie Bucket and I can tell you that I did NOT like the way it looked beat up so quickly. The Italian Crunch leather seemed thin weak. Patina showed up way too fast on it.

    Is lux like the italian crunch?
  14. Lux is the new crunch leather...it is supposed to wear better, but I cannot speak to whether it actually does or not.

    So if you did not like crunch, my guess is you will not like lux.
  15. Lux is the new crunch in that it won't wear down as easily and crack. The colour is more saturated with the Lux. My Lux bags hold up better then the crunch.

    I used to have a lot of crunch/lux bags b/c the colous were so vibrant but nowadays, I'm inti higher quality leathers. I like a leathers that are more thick, and pebbled. Lux/crunch is just too cheap and don't wear well. It's suppposed to look worn in with wear but that look isn't for me.

    Nothing wrong with Lux/Crunch but my tastes have just changed.