Tano Spring 2010 - Let's Talk Colors!!

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  1. Ok ladies let's talk about these new colors!!!!

    No Arguments Here in chamois leather in wave!


    Countdown's On in chamois in moondust.


    T-Minus in chamois leather in sand.

  2. Ok here's some ryder leather.....

    Pageant Queen in emerald city....


    Gig for London in blue eyes....


    Newly Minted in rebel red

  3. Mmmmm nebula in gold...

    Little Bit Luxurious


  4. I want wave!!!!!!! wave wave wave *sigh*
  5. Twilight
    I'm guessing this is 'sol'?
    Fuscia (not my spelling)
  6. I want Gig for London in blue eyes....
  7. Oh now I totally need to rethink this! LOL
  8. GASP!!! how am I to decide??? eek!:nuts:
  9. sooo prettyyyy
  10. Well I already know that my #1 must have is an Emerald Boogie - the Emerald is one of the purest greens I've ever seen in leather, I think. I love the Emerald City in Ryder, but I just haven't seen a bag style in that colour/leather that I *need*.

    My most likely 2nd must have is The Real Action in Sage. I love the pale green as well, and the leather that this colour comes in looks TDF to me.

    After that, I'm loving the Rose, the Sol, and the Blue Eyes, probably in that order, so we'll just have to see how kind Revenue Canada is to me (Tax refund!) and go from there!!
  11. That gold nebula is so gorgeous I could die....haha
  12. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    So pretty...I wish I could get them all in a box like Crayola's!
  13. I have a bag in gold nebula on preorder :smile:
  14. Pretty! But nothing is calling to me... whew!!

  15. :woohoo:Which one??