Tano sidewalk sale Sat & Sun Sept 25, 26

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  1. Mount Kisco has its annual sidewalk sale going on this weekend. Here is a scene from the Tano stand. Apparently this chick is a HUGE Tano fan. And evidently she was VERY good taste in bags (note the tumbleweed leather AWARD WORTHY on her right arm.) Haha.

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  2. OH MAN I always forget about this and I'm always jealous lol
  3. TE, I would ask if that was you inside of the....key? but that bag is brown so it can't be. :P

    Wish I could go!
  4. I :heart: that bag!!!
  5. Love it!!

    Who knew a key could be so well dressed! LOL!
  6. Is it that time of year again? Always makes me sad I live on the wrong coast for these things :sad:

    LOL, I wasn't sure what that red thing was, but the bag is gorgeous!
  7. I am very sad I can't go too...my wallet however, is very happy!
  8. I forgot what a frenzy the thread on last year's warehouse sale whipped me into! :wtf::lol:
  9. This would not be a safe place for my Mom and I to go. :graucho: Dangerous for the wallet!