Tano Sex bomb Crunch. Anyone Have?

  1. Is there anyone who can take a photo of their Tano Sex bomb Crunch and reassure me that the leather isn't as "wet" and monsterously shiny as the photos make me believe. The photos online and at musthavebag.com make the leather look sooooo shiny it looks like it's been dipped in oil. :P Right now I wanna get one in red but I fear it'll be so shiny that I'll just end up returning it anyways so why bother? =P So I was wondering if anyone owns one or has seen one who can make me feel better about purchasing one. Thanks!

    Ahhh it looks soaked in oil! OH the humanity!
  2. Looks like it won't rub that badly against your clothing, though. It will ahve lots of give when hitting your jeans and will slide back and forth as you walk. I have never seen one IRL. Sorry.
  3. I knew when I read the title of this post that I didn't have one. But I must say, I was very, very intrigued in that it may be something that I might actually like to try:shame: . Then I found out it was just a bag.....:sad: .

  4. Ha!!! I'm sorry to have dissapointed you! It DOES sound pretty awesome tho I must say...

    It also sounds like a weird kinky cereal.

    SEX BOMB CRUNCH! Now with more marshmellos!
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. TANO bags do tend to be shiny. I've seen the one you like at the store. I like the sheen of it, but it may be a tad too shiny for some.

    By the way...if there was an actual cereal called SEX BOMB CRUNCH...I would only hoped that it tasted as good as it sounds!!

  7. I don't have the Sex Bomb but I've got the Boogie Bucket and it's a shiny leather with a distressed look. It's not as shiny IRL as it is in the pictures.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Hmm well I can handle a little shiny but I just worry I'll get it and it'll be just rediculously shiny. I want this style in red sooooo bad.
  9. I have the depeche style bag in a distressed brown leather but I think the distressing makes it more matte and less shiny. It's also a crunch leather. I think this bag you are considering may be a bit more shiny.
  10. Yeah I think I'm going to look into the red Jet Setter instead. I'm emailing a woman from thatsourbag.com who said red velvet is on order! Woohoo! This is hte one style of bag I want in every color of the rainbow!
  11. That is a nice color. I wanted to get one in the tag leather but I missed my chance at a chocolate brown from S/S 2006 that had the nickel colored hardware.
  12. I just got it all set up. she was so nice and said by the time it's in there will be another holiday promotion so it'll be even cheaper! Eep! Now this is whats going to keep me from buying another bag in the meantime. I can hold out for another month dammit!
  13. Hey, that's great news and with a promotion. Good deal! You must post when you get it. I'm sure the color will be fab!
  14. I loooove that bag!

    I got nosy and snooped around that website and I'm falling in love with...

    Tano Lost Art Bag


    Jet Setter [​IMG]
  15. Aren't they lovely? I LOVE the jet setter. IT's muy sexy.