Tano question

  1. Tano lovers,

    I'm looking for a Tano jetsetter, especially in green but other colors are OK. Anyone know where I can find one?

  2. Unfortunately Luna Boston does not carry Jet Setter and Sex Bomb now (these are the same model made of different leathers - Jet Setter of soft/matte leather called 'tag' and Sex Bomb of shiny leather called 'crunch').

    Here are what I know:

    Jet Setter in mocha:
    tano bag details including dimensions color and price

    Jet Setter in Red Velvet:
    Browsing Store - Jet Setter (It's shown in green, but the green is out of stock...)

    Sex Bomb in Red, cobalt, wheat, lily pad green, military green, brown
    That's Our Bag - Search

    Sex Bomb in Florange and olive, and on sale:
    tano bag details including dimensions color and price

    Sex Bomb in Black, brown, and red, and NOT on sale:
    tano bag details including dimensions color and price

    Good luck...(ok I admit, I'm a nerd. ......)
  3. musthavebag.com had a jet setter a few days ago. Don't know if they have any more.
  4. If you can be patient for a few more weeks, Tano is coming out with the most AMAZING bags - including the Sex Bomb in so many wonderful shades - it'll just make your heart melt. You can check out all to come at www.tanobag.com - the Jet Setter is changing a bit, and the Sex Bomb will definitely be back in full force. :yahoo: I'm so excited I can't stand it. I don't know what I'm going to do!!!!!:jammin:
  5. No Spam Cue !
  6. Does anyone have the tano sexbomb crunch in brusciato or wheat? I can't make up my mind!!
  7. I checked out the new Tano bags. They must not have them all. The one I have on pre-order "Off the Chain" does not show up there. I pre-ordered at MustHaveBags.
  8. Their variety of styles drive me crazy!

    I simply must see them in person first though, that crunch leather is iffy for me. There are two retailers in my area, I am going to peek this weekend.
  9. I have two Tanos on order who should both arrive today, the Loveboat and the Bauhaus.

    Soon as they arrive, I'll take some pictures and post them, hopefully this will help some of the rest of you.