TANO question.

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  1. Ok sooo after returning my Foley + Corinna this morning, I think I may try out a Tano. I am wondering though, "musthavebag" says it is the only authorized Tano retailer on the internet. Does this mean that all the other websites with Tano bags sell fakes? Anyone who could shed some light, I would appreciate it greatly!!
  2. No...there are several other places that sell authentic Tano bags. Andonia and LunaBoston to name two off the top of my head. But Musthavebag.com is the only Tano authorized dealer. If you go to tanobag.com they say:

    There is one web retailer who is authorized to sell our bags online. Must Have Bag meets our standards for customer satisfaction.

    I highly recommend ordering from Musthavebag.

    And do try a Tano bag....and post lots of pics! hehe
  3. I agree with voodoo. I have ordered from musthavebag and adonia....they are both great. I'm not sure if the coupon code is still working, but adoniabags.com had one for 25% off using holiday2007....they did not however have a lot left in their stock.