Tano Question for Tano Expert

  1. I love the look of most of the Tano bags and I'm ready to buy, however, I'm having trouble figuring out the drop on them. Which styles have the longest drop or are slouchy enough that you can wear them over the shoulder (possibly even with a winter coat). Thanks so much! If anyone else knows, don't be shy!
  2. If you go to www.musthavebag.com, there are very detailed descriptions to include the shoulder drops. She carries the most popular sellers so you should be able to find what you want...if not Tano Expert can find out for you on other bags.....
  3. If you like a really comfortable, slouchy drop, look for something thats at least 12" . Any shorter and its more of a snug fit. I only have the drop measurements on the bags that I sell, unfortunately, but I know the line well, and can tell you off the top of my head how the drop is on pretty much any Tano bag. Just give me a name.
  4. What is the difference between the Boogie Bucket, Cookie Bucket and Brady Bucket? I hope it's not against the rules to ask this and I apologize if it's already been discussed (I'm new to tpf), but I've seen you mention your store. What store is it?
  5. Henjoll. Im not allowed to advertise my site on TPF.

    The bags you mentioned are basically the same bag. Boogie is current. Brady was a spring version of boogie- with a woven handle. Cookie was the boogie bucket in a matte leather, a spring version as well. Brady and cookie are not current styles. They were spring 07 styles.
  6. Tano expert, is Get A Grip a new or old style? I really like it but it doesn't seem to be available. If it's old, is there a new style like it?
  7. Tano Expert, thanks for your help. I have another question. Do you know anything about the Eye Do. I see it on the Tano site, but I can't find any dimensions on it. Thanks
  8. Gretsch, get a grip is an oldie. Its from Fall 06. It was a nice bag- I used to sell it.
  9. Eye do is a bag that Tano made the past 2 springs in very limited qtys. I sold it both seasons, so I have all the info on it:

    Material: Italian "crunch" leather. Buttery soft and lightweight, handstained, with rich tonal variation (lighter and darker areas.) Lightly glazed finish lessens with wear. Hardware: silver
    Closure:YKK metal zipper
    Exterior pockets:multiple small pockets on front of bag
    Interior:fully lined, with one zipper pocket and one slit pocket for cell
    Size:large bag. Approx dimensions: 15" wide x 4" deep x 14" high
    Strap:Short shoulder strap fits comfortably over the shoulder.
    Price: $199
  10. I love the Eye Do, does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get it? Neither Must Have Bag or That's Our Bag have it. I've also checked the only local store that carries Tano and no luck. Anyone????????
  11. Tano made so few this spring, I dont think youre going to be able to find one very easily. Sorry!
  12. I'm so disappointed, oh well, guess I'll choose something else. Thanks so much for all your help. I'm sure I'll need it again in the future!