~~*Tano Pics Thread*~~


    Please post pics of your Tano bags! I'll start:

    Boogie Bucket in Blueprint Blue...:love:

  2. Miss Print in Midnight Black

  3. I love that blueprint blue! So gorgeous, I've been on the hunt for the perfect blue in a bag. I think that might be it :smile: I will post some pics later this week when I get my Hippie Moment Hobo from LB. I returned a Thugs and Kisses hobo becuz it was HUGE!!
    I mean HUGE!!!!! I could have fit my 3 yr. old in it. seriously. Thanks for starting the thread and posting pics!! :wlae::yahoo:
  4. I can't get my pics to post for some reason.....I have a jettsetter in tag leather, opera queen in crackle and boogie in crunch....I guess I'll try again later.
  5. [​IMG]
    Sex Bomb in Red Velvet. It's not as orange as it appears.



    Boogie Bucket in Black

    This was actually the very first day I received my boogie bucket. I'll post recent pics of the boogie bucket just so you can get an idea of how well it wears.
  6. [​IMG]


    I've had it well over a year and carry it all the time. I'm pretty rough on it too so I think the leather and the hardware has held up REMARKABLY well!
    I love this bag!
  7. OOOO love the black!!
  8. I am so digging the Boogie Bucket....in black, in blue. Gosh, you guys. I am gonna have to get a second job.
  9. Well my bags are older - but I hope you will all appreciate them too...

    Concrete Blonde in Electric Green - I think it is called the gentle washed leather? Alex can probably help me out on this one...

    Sexy Terry in Camaro Blue in the Patent Crinkle leather

    Loveboat in Bright White? (did I get the colour right?) - in the cloud leather. I also have a Suzy Hotrod in Scotch Whiskey (I can take a pic if you guys want) also in the cloud leather - I am actually very disappointed that they discountinued this leather - it was my favourite Tano leather so far. I am waiting for a bag in the Lenny leather to see if it will change my mind...
  10. voodoo, I absolutely LOVE that blueprint blue color on your boogie bucket! :love: I really want to get another tano but I'm on a bit of a bag ban now since I also want a BE. Guess I can't have all my pie! Does anyone here have a congo green color? I've been wanting to get that in the cooped up style.
  11. OMG I love the Sexy Terry! I've never seen one and the color is TDF!!!!!! :tup:

    And please post a pic of your Suzy Hotrod! :yes:
  12. Thank you!!! I love her, too!
  13. Will do - will charge my camera now!

    You know upon looking at the photo again, I realized that I took it with flash - it is quite a difficult colour to photograph - but its beautiful - its like an indigo blue - I think this one might give a better description of the colour... but to me it is still not spot on... its more like between this new picture and my original pic - hope that's not too confusing lol

  14. Ten mosquito- tano brought back cloud this Spring! Whisper white, watermelon, pastel blue and snapdragon (butter yellow) there are only 8 or so cloud bags, but some of them are awesome.
  15. Wow that's great to know Alex! Thanks for letting me know! Please do keep us posted on when the new stuff are available for purchase!