Tano On-line stores

  1. Go Tano Go!!!
  2. I have no idea what this store is like... I've never purchased from them but they appear to have tanos for sale. I would call (as suggested) and talk to someone before blindly ordering online unless someone can vouch for them.

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    suspicious post...
  4. Do I smell a :ban:?
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    the poster's already banned, I see!
  6. Holy cow. That was fast! A ban and a removal of posts. Nice works mods!
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    That store has already been mentioned twice in this thread, and the owner of it has just been banned from tpf.
    Its suspicious that you posted this here right after mods deleted another suspicious link to this same site.
  8. Hi, I had a bad experience I bought the MY PHOTO TANO BAG and the first bag they sent me had ripped lining. They send me another one with no tags and pen marks on the handle I almost postive it was used plus the way it was packed was in a shopping bag just thrown it there.I am sending the 2nd bag back.
  9. The Store's Name Was Lori's Shoes
  10. ^^^That's a shame, because I've bought a Tano from Lori's Shoes and had a really good experience. Send it back! They have a good return policy--even though I'd be super mad too. Sorry about your bag!:tdown:

  11. Oh! That's exciting!