Tano Newbie: Anyone have a Spring Eternal?

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  1. Hi there, lovely Tano-ites!! :smile:

    This is my first post here though I know some of you lovely peeps from other subforums...I am loving the Tano crossbodies on MHB, and was wondering if any of you own/have seen in person the Spring Eternal. What's the plush leather like? (It looks like Linea Pelle or Moni Moni leather!) I am thinking about getting this bag in either bone or violet. (I have a wicked purple bag fetish). :nuts:

    Thanks in advance for any wisdom that you can send my way!! :flowers:
  2. Eeek most of us have no idea! Plush is brand new and the bags are just starting to come out!!! Looks scrumptious though!

    PLUS, 15% off right now on MHB stuff... I say go for it, see if you like it and if not MHB has an excellent return policy!
  3. Hi there TK!!! Woman, I need no enabling here, lol!! :lol:

    I think that I will take your advice and go for it once I get paid! And then I promise to report back...but out of curiousity, besides the leather type, how does the Spring Eternal differ from the Mona Lethal? (Such cute names, btw!)
  4. No one here has a Spring Eternal yet..... so we can't compare haha you can post in the "Ask Tano Expert" sticky and she should be able to tell you! :yes:
  5. Hehehe hi babe!

    To me, nothin looks different about them... if Tano does the same style bag in a new leather it gets a new name... that's all! :biggrin:
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  7. ^^ OMG duh I totally forgot about Celts bag lol Thanks Syb, I'm slackin here!

    Oh, forgot to also mention that the hardware is different from the ML to the SE... nickel on the ML, brass on the SE!
  8. Thanks so much, Syb!! :smile: I should ask BagHag why she didn't like the bone...I am between that and the violet, TBH.

    And TK -- I :heart: brass HW...that is such great news!!! :yahoo:
  9. Oh wait -- now I see why BH didn't like it...the bone is kind of grey. :nogood:

    I will do the violet, then!!!

    (Gee, that was easy). :lol:
  10. lol Loquita! Too funny
  11. Hi Loquita!!

    BH is going to post pixs this weekend I think...if her puppy lets her have a moments peace!

    I agree MHB is a wonderful place to buy...their return policy makes it safe just in case!

    Violet...didn't someone get a plush bag in violet in a different style? Let me search!

    ETA: http://forum.purseblog.com/tano/im-in-a-purple-haze-468973.html

  12. You rock, Odebdo!! :tup:

    Thanks so much...I better be careful, though -- these bags are like CANDY. :nuts:
  13. OMG. Just looked at the purple haze plush leather -- it's GORGEOUS!

    Back away from TPF, Loquita... [​IMG]
  14. These are a lot easier to splurge on then the BE's!! You can get 3-4 of them for the price of one BE!!

    Lo...I love this [​IMG] and am going to be doing more of that in the BE bespoke shopping section! LOL!

  15. Welcome to the Tano SF. :graucho::graucho::P We all suffer w/ this.....