Tano - need help choosing color

  1. I'm lusting after a Tano (leaning towards the Boogie Bucket) but am having a hard time deciding on a color. All-in-all I'm a pretty boring dresser - lots of black and grey mixed with whatever colors are in during the season. So, here's my dillema - I love, love, love the orange Tanos but I'm worried about the color clashing with my clothes. Should I (a) take the risk and buy the bag I love or (b) go conservative and buy a black bag?? Help!
  2. Take the risk! I'm sure you'll love it!
  3. Actually, I am a very conservative neutrals dresser, and I was suprised (and delighted) to discover that dressing in neutrals means that you can wear any bag color and it will immediately "pop." As long as the shape and proportion work with your size and outfit, go ahead and get a color or at least a contrast. It will immediately give you a bit of flair without being over the top. I have recently been wearing a saddle color bag which stands out against all of my black and grays, but before that, I had a metallic gold suede that I loved with my boring business suits.
  4. Ohhhh get a bright colour! Tano has FAB colours so don't pick a neutral, go wild! If you love the orange, get the orange, I love it too :nuts:
  5. I love, love the orange. There's one listed on eBay if you're interested.
  6. If you look good wearing orange, why not? Personally I can't wear any orange clothes because I look like a pumpkin since I don't have good shading but if I did I would get it.
  7. JUMP!! A bright bag will make everything fall together. You don't HAVE to match your clothes with your bag, it's all your own style. But I'd def. get a nice color from Tano. How many black bags do you want to collect??

    Get the orange, you'll probably use it more than any black bag you have.
  8. Tanos have gorgeous colors. It would seem a shame to get a boring neutral! I also agree that any colored bag looks great with neutral clothing, so you can't lose! Get the orange!
  9. I have the orange boogie bucket bag and absolutely love it!! Although it *is* orange, it also has somewhat caramel undertones....it's the most "neutral" sort of orange that you can imagine. I wear lots of colored clothes - blues, greens, reds as well as grey, cream, black and brown and I find that it goes with everything. Definitely give it a shot!! :tup:
  10. def the orange!!!!!!!!! it is SOOOOO pretty!
  11. Go for the orange. Your wardrobe sounds very neutral, so the color will probably look amazing! Take the risk, you'll probably be happy you did!
  12. If you really want to wear it all the time for a long time, go for black- it's classic and doesn't clash. But if you already have black go with anything bags go for the orange! Just remember orange makes a statement that might overwhelm some of your clothes instead of complementing all of them.
  13. I just bought a Tano jetsetter in Melon/orange on eBay and I love it!! I usually wear pretty neutral colors, so it really perks up my outfits.
  14. Another vote for orange! A great colored bag can become your signature... people actually track me down by spotting my bag, lol.
  15. I also agree with getting the orange. You seem to like it and I wouldn't worry about the clashing since you wear so many neutral. Plus I always like to add color through a bag when I am wearing neutrals. It makes the outfit stand out more.