Tano moving on up opinions please

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  1. Hello, I am new to the site and am happy to see so many Tano lovers out there. I need opinions please. I am actually looking for a hip and roomy diaper bag (I am 41 wks pregnant, yikes!) that does not look like a diaper bag and that can be used beyond the baby years. I am seeing a few options on Piperlime that I am considering, the Moving On Up, the Self Portrait (which only comes in Smog), or the London Edition. I am leaning towards a bag w/ lots of pockets. If anyone out there has an opinion I would love to hear from you. I am partial to the Moving On Up so I would appreciate advice on the color as well, Caramel or Plum Jelly? Thanks in advance for all of your expertise.
  2. Hi, Meg!

    Did you say 41 weeks? Bless your heart.... surely that baby is ready to be here any second, right :lol:

    I would think that a crunch leather bag would be best for a diaper bag. I only say that because it holds up to wear remarkably well and a little Lubriderm will take care of most minor scratches, etc.

    Have you considered Gorgeous Gams? The two exterior pockets look deep enough for bottles and diapers and it's a really nice size without being over the top.

    Welcome to the Tano Subforum!
  3. OH and I think the Gorgeous Gams bag in violet is really pretty. haha

    After the baby outgrows needing a diaper bag it would still be a terrific every day bag. :yes:
  4. thanks for the advice, I will look into the "crunch leather". Your boxer is gorgeous;>)
  5. Thank you sweetie. We :love: him!

    Do you have other Tano bags? How did you find the Purse Forum?
  6. I second the vote for crunch as it would clean up the best if there are any spills, etc!

    Let us know what you decide...

    And BEST WISHES to you on your baby!!!
  7. I think the capacity might be OK but the strap would make it difficult to sling on the back of a stroller. I've had the nieces with all their junk, wipes, juice boxes and stuff in my Boogie Bucket (which is MOA without pockets) but I think you need something with a longer strap option. Congrats on baby!
  8. Hi there! Welcome to TPF, the Tano SF and congrats on the baby! I hope you have a safe, healthy delivery!

    Onto the bag... my first vote would be an "up close and personal". It has two front snap outside pockets, a zip pocket and two side pockets, a long strap drop and a generously sized inner space (with zip pocket and all that) with a zipper! That said, they're kind of hard to find nowadays because they are an older bag.

    Here's a link to an avocado one... (picture in orange peel http://www.stonescc.com/tano/images/4066_l.jpg) and link to where you can buy http://www.stonescc.com/tano/tano_inventory.html.

    I don't have a baby but I do have three of these wonderful bags. I use them for school, for interviews, for traveling, etc. I really don't think a 'moving on up' will have enough room for all the things you need with a baby... but maybe!? Also, if you want to see more of the UCAP just search on this forum and you'll find my raves about the bag all over the place lol
  9. Oh, and btw, if you want the moving on up in plum jelly.. it's on sale until Monday July 13th here, enter 'freeshipping' at checkout and get free shipping too!

    Piperlime is one of the most expensive places to buy tanos, just so ya know!

    Lastly, the dangerous indeed bag that is out right now might be a fantastic choice too... it's big big big and very comfortable and then the top also can zip open to expand more as well! SheBang and MustHaveBag both have this bag now and I'm sure other places as well.
  10. Thanks again to all for the great advice and sale options. I am looking at Piperlime only b/c I have about $220 in gift cards that I can apply towards a new Tano...lucky me;>) Therefore, I am limited to their options. Unfortunately, they are not carrying the beautiful UCAP bag. Is the MOU considered "crunch" leather?
  11. ^^Yes. The Moving on Up is crunch. :yes:
  12. OHHhhh yeah I gotcha... apparently the code "summerfun" is good for 20% off of $125+ on piperlime right now... expires July 21st (taken from the deals/steals forum)

    I just had to do that too... had a bunch of money for piperlime/old navy/etc and got my chicklit from them!
  13. Thanks TygerKitty for the promo code another 20% off would be great. Now, I really need to stick to Pipelime's options. I guess I will try the MUO and if it does not work I will still have a great bag! Now, for the big question...color...caramel or plum jelly?
  14. Jansen - You might want to check out the London Edition - it has a detachable cross-body strap (great for moms) as well as the shoulder strap. And it's more current so you wouldn't have to worry so much about receiving a bag with shelf wear.