Tano Miss Print in Midnight Black *pics*

  1. I'm rapidly becoming one of Tano's biggest cheerleaders. The leather on this bag is SO SOFT and gorgeous. And the lining is amazing (the bag is reversable!).... when pulled the tape off the box a wonderful puff of leather smelling air came out of the box!

    So here she is, my 2nd Tano (and nowhere near last) bag!
    missprint1.JPG missprint2.JPG missprint3.JPG missprint4.JPG
  2. Beautiful! What kind of leather is that?
  3. That's really cool, I don't own any Tano but I love the idea of a reversible bags that's actually stylish!
  4. I used to own some Tano bags and enjoyed the crunch leather. The new reversible ones sound really interesting.
  5. Wow I really like it!! I love the reversible snake skin!!! Very stylish- Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks all!

    paintednightsky: it's Italian Moto leather.
  7. I LOVE it! Isnt cruch leather so fun! ENJOY!
  8. oooh...so pretty! If you ever wear it reversed make sure to show us a pic :smile:
  9. Beautiful!!!! Makes me want to order another Tano....Enjoy it!