Tano Minilisa RE-ISSUE (the PRISON BREAK bag))

  1. Hi all you Tano fans,

    I was at Tano today and I begged the designer to bring back Minilisa. (The bag that Sarah used on Prison Break)

    He thought it was a great idea, :yahoo: and he said he would work on a new version of it for Fall 2008. The volume/shape of the bag will be the same, but the detailing will be new and different.

    As soon as I have more info, I will be sure to post it here!!

    I get an email or pm every few days asking me about that bag. Just thught some of you would be interested in this info!

    (edit) And here is a pic for those who need a photo fix:

  2. OMG YAY! :yahoo:
  3. Any pics? Thanks!
  4. yeah tano expert!!!!!! this is just soooo exciting- i wonder what they will come up with as far as detailing goes!!!:yahoo:
  5. No pics yet- the idea was just suggested by me) today, they will work on the new design and probably introduce it in May at their next trade show.
  6. TE- I meant if you had any old pictures, as I'd like to see what the bag looked like in the past. Thanks!
  7. This is exciting the minilisa is one style of Tano I really wanted.
  8. here you go, judie h- some old pics that I had in my database:

    scarlet red:

    sorry but thats all I have (plus the model pic I posted in my opening post)

    I am SO psyched for this re-issue! I bet it will be GREAT!

    oh, and BTW the Fall colors are TDF. And they have a new goat skin with really intense color that looks amazing. Its almost (dare I say it?) as nice as Balanciaga's leather!
  9. Thank you so much TE!!! You're the BEST!!!!!!
  10. ^^^ Aw shucks, :shame: JudieH- you're sweet. Always happy to help out my fellow tano-ites!
  11. Alex, how do you stay focused when you get to see all these new things?? Here we are waiting for the spring deliveries!
  12. haha I know, I haven't even decided which Spring bag to get yet!!!

    But it is exciting- I've been watching all the Fall 2008 runway shows on FFF - then I go to Tano and see that they are on all the looks like crazy. Right colors, right finishes, right details...
  13. Is it too early for you to divulge the Fall colors?
  14. The colors I saw that really blew my mind were deep jewel tones- dark ruby red, deep emerald green, electric sapphire blue, and deep PURPLE! There is also a cool burnt orange and brown and black. They were on the fence about a gorgeous fuscia and a mustard yellow. Thats all I can tell you about the the crunch pallette for Fall. But dont hold me to it- they might add/take away/change the colors before their trade show for all I know.
  15. THANK YOU!!!! Purple just MADE MY DAY! :smile: