Tano Minilisa in Fern or Caribean Blue?

  1. I agree with your assessment but my heart says 'blue'! I love that it is so bright and eye-popping and could see it being really striking against black, white, navy etc in the winter in a way the more practical fern wouldn't be. Sorry, that is no help at all is it?!
  2. Get the blue!
  3. I think blue too (I made a rhyme!)
  4. You know...I think the Fern. I think Fern is more of a neutral, that will go well with everything -- brown, black, navy...white, everything. The blue I think you will get tired of. It is too much of a statement. Well, that's my two cents.
  5. i LOVEbright colors paired with white turtlenecks and sweaters for winter! its so hot!
  6. I have the Tano Sex Bomb in Caribbean Blue and love it. I wasn't so hot for the Fern Green in any style...sorry....it seemed a little too "pea soup" to me....