Tano Magic Hairdo Shoulder Tote

  1. Does anyone own the Tano Magic Hairdo Shoulder Tote ? Can anyone tell me what the leather is like on this bag? I have not seen any of the Tano's IRL, although have enjoyed reading about everyone's experiences and pics. I love the blue leather on all of the styles. Thanks so much!
  2. I do not...but I do have a Tano in blueprint blue and it's an awesome color!
  3. I have a Tano Nit Picky in blueprint blue and I absolutely adore the colour. I got tons of compliments on it too! :yes:
  4. Those are the crunch leather though and the Magic Hairdo is moto I thing. I would be interested too because I've seen pictures of this bag and it looks different in every picture.
  5. To be honest the moto leather is not my favorite, nor is this particular bag.

    I love the crunch leather, and 2 of the new leathers for spring: Lenoire (new french lamb lenny) and Vapor are TDF!!! I mean talk about SOFT... the squish factor is off the charts! I the new Spring bags yesterday at Tano (their best collection EVER, IMO) and I'll be at their trade show Sun-Wed. After Wed I will have lots of news to post!
  6. Can't wait to hear the updates!!!!! How soon can we purchase the new spring bags?
  7. ^^Not soon enough!!!!!!!
  8. Alexndra, thanks so much for the information. I appreciate your feedback. Also, looking forward to seeing the new styles, leather and colors. Can't wait to see your pictures!:smile:
  9. Ill try to take a few snapshots at the trade show of the new spring stuff for all you tano fans! The new stuff wont be coming in until April but there are like 12 repeat bags that will be coming in mid feb in the new colors.

  10. OMG OMG!!! :yahoo: Thanks for the info Alex! Can't wait to see what's going to be ready in Feb and (hopefully) some pics! You are the best.
  11. i can't wait for the lenoire leather!! What colours will be available for the new leathers?? I can't wait either!!
  12. Alexandra, just curious what is it about the moto leather that you do not care for? How does it compare to the other leathers? Thanks.
  13. IMO, the moto leather is just kind of blah. It's not matte and its not shiny. It's kind of board-y. The colors don't really pop. It doesn't really look like anything special. Looks kind of run of the mill. Tano's cancelled it already- didn't make it to a second season. It didn't sell well at retail. (No offense to anyone who has a moto leather bag. My opinion doesnt really matter- if you love it, enjoy it! )

    The Le noir leather is like a smoother, even more buttery soft Lenny. Lenny will also be available again, though, I just found out. Le noir is French organic grass fed baby lamb (BAAA! Sorry) and it feels INCREDIBLE. I wore a messenger in the brown color and I couldn't stop touching it. I have to have it. The Le noir bags cost more than Lenny but they are SO WORTH IT! I think they will be more like $249. Like I said, the squish factor is off the charts. If you feel this leather, you will not believe that you are not feeling a bag that costs a penny less than $500.

    When I have time after the trade show, I will post a summary of the Spring collection with some pics. I will describe the leathers and colors and price points.
  14. omg I'm sooo excited it sounds wonderful.
  15. This just made my day ! Thank you !