TANO lovers - come here and help me pick out a bag!

  1. So I am going to get a Tano bag! I saw them in a store, and I fell in love with the Blue color. So beautiful and bright!

    BUT the one thing that kept me from buying a Tano bag in the store was that the bags are HUGE! I know big bags are a trend right now, but honestly, I don't carry around a lot of stuff, so I'm looking for something a bit smaller.

    I really like this one, but I don't know what I would even put into it - the measurements are 18" x 6" x 11"!:

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a smaller, more manageable Tano? Also, if anyone can post any modelling pics, that'd be great:tup:. Maybe if I see it on people I will get used to the idea...

    thanks everyone!
  2. that is a really pretty blue!
  3. I am interested in these cute Tano bags as well, but one question: do they use real leather? On the lunaboston site, they never once use "leather" in the description. I was just curious because the prices are crazy-low!
  4. Love Tano....and the blue is really pretty!
  5. Yes I love tano too. I had 3 pieces already and I want more! I would characterize these as bangy every day bags that I don't need to worry about and baby over as much. Definitely more everyday, casual. Although I love many other more expensive brands, these are definitely the most usable and carefree because of their price range and it's really hard to cause damage to them. You can beat them up and all they do is get more worn in and nice. They are leather and they smell great and they wear down beautifully with more demure shine. I can't recommend these bags enough for casual wear.
  6. I agree! I'm addicted to Tanos!
  7. I just ordered the Tano Ms Fit bag in green after trying it on in the boutique. I do not think you can go wrong with any of their bags. Very cute!!!
  8. I've never had a tano before, but am intrigued by them--I love the styles and colors, but am hesitant because of some of the reviews. Some people have posted that they felt it was leather you had to be delicate with? They're affordable and cute, but how do they hold up over time?
  9. It depends on the leather type as to how they wear. The crunch leather is smooth and supple, but tough and wears very well. Other, softer, finishes are much more delicate. In the new line, the Lenny leather is very soft and I would guess it is easier to damage (I haven't felt it in real life), but it is no more succeptible to damage than any other very soft leather from other designers.

    I have Miss Congeniality in crunch leather, and I adore it. It is definitely my go-to bag for everyday use, and it wears very well. I've owned it for about a year and I use it regularly, but it still looks brand new.
  10. I felt up the Lenny leather last night; it felt like Balenciaga leather, only a bit thicker. It was yummy!
  11. I just ordered a Bottle Blonde bag from musthavebag. Alexandra was so great. I asked her a lot of questions and she helped narrow down the bags for me. Also, she offers all pf members $20 off any full priced item over $100 and free shipping. I should be receiving my bag tomorrow!!