Tano Lovers... anyone have these bags?

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  1. Hey everyone, I don't own a Tano bag yet, but I do love the style of them... I'm thinking about getting one of their bags, but not sure what style I want to get... does anyone own either of these bags, if so, can you post pics up? Thanks in advance!
  2. I think those are new and not on sale yet.
  3. how funny, i was just looking at their sight and am seeing a bunch of new ones - including the budding romance... that's a cute bag...
  4. o ok, these are new yet... well if anyone has these bags on order, please post pics! I'm dying to see some modeling pics of these bags! Both are REALLY gorgeous!
  5. Hey there coachGirl12!

    The styles you posted are not yet in stores, so you wont be able to find ANY modelling pics out there on the world wide web, Im afraid. I can tell you that both bags are VERY LARGE, though- definitely what you would call "oversized".
  6. o ok, thanks for the 411 tano expert! i'm not familiar w/what the dimensions are or anything on these bags, they both just look really cute online... I like big bags, but if they are "oversized" then that might make me question them... thanks for the heads up! :tup:
  7. Both are beautiful!
  8. OOO! I like the first one a lot!!

    Tano Expert when are they coming out and will there be other colors?
  9. Yes! When are they coming out!?

    And BAGS.........love your new avatar of Miss Bindi!
  10. Thanks!! I think that's one of the few pictures of her actually smiling.
  11. The patent bags are June delivery. The crunch bags are to be delivered to stores by mid May. Tune into www.tanobag.com to check out all the colors that both bags are available in. Both are oversized bags.
  12. June??? Oh man...that's way too long.
  13. ^^I know! It's so long to wait! haha
  14. Whats the size on the black/white bag tano expert?