Tano Loveboat Update

  1. I took LB with me this am to run a couple of errands and of course, it started to rain. I've not treated LB with anything and I was afraid it would spot! So even though I tried to protect it when I ran for the car, it's a BIG bag and it got wet and pretty spotted..

    I'm VERY pleased to say it dried nicely, no spots, no indication at all that it was ever wet.

    Total thumbs up on this bag, looks like it's going to be a great workhorse. :yes:
  2. ty for the info!!! goooood to know! pix?
  3. That happened to me the first time I took my Anna Corinna out for a spin so I know the relief when the spots dry and bag is good as new!
  4. Oh good !!!! Cuz I would have cried WITH YOU if had gotten spotty !!!! It's such a gorgeous bag- I mean UGLY AND YUCKY BAG- you better send it right to me so you don't have to be seen with such an awful thing on your arm (hee hee hee... joking of course.. just JEALOUS !!)